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FSG-S Type Four Rope Dual Scoop Coal Grab for Ship Unloader


Suitable for the treatment of ball coal-based bulk cargo for 0.85-1.1t / m3.

Fighting: 3.0-50.0m3

Suitable for models: 500-2800T / h unloader

Figure Model: FSG40.0-0.85-28200

Project users: Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry-Baosteel Zhanjiang Port Project

Features: The strut is superior to the overall impact performance of the overall frame structure. The rotation point of the strut, the turns of the Oban is easy to lubricate and maintain maintenance. The two pairs of synchronous tooth structures make the overall excavation of the grip more superior performance, especially in ramp and clearance operations.


The company has strong technical strength, health management system, advanced production equipment, process process, was identified as national high-tech enterprises in 2016.

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