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ENBL (Kunshan) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise in modern management mode. It was established in November 2013, and it is located in the Yangtze River Economic Friendly Frontier - Kunshan along the Shanghai industry.Floor area67,000 square meters (is Biggest Grab professional Manufacturer in China.). Through resource integration, professionals in the field, the company has a professional manufacturing advantage and mature long-range supporting resources, manufacture and sales, specializing in the design, manufacturing and sales, professional undertaking (with sales) All-round services such as design, manufacturing and technical support.

At present, "ENBL" owns  two subsidiaries  JIUYU(Shanghai) Machinery Co.,Ltd  and Ma-anshan ENBL Machinery Co.,Ltd. The company's main business is based on "ENBL" proprietary technology, specializing in manufacturing various types of Electro-hydraulic  Grab, mechanical grab, Engineering Hydraulic Grab, Special dredging  Grab and special suspenders for fixing materials Clamp. We have won the good market reputation in the port, metallurgy, fire power, biomass power generation and garbage disposal.

The company has strong technical strength, health management system, advanced production equipment, and production process, in 2016, ENBL was identified as national high-tech enterprises, product series "the Electro-hydraulic Orange Peel Grab" is recognized as high-tech products; the company has passed ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification; At the same time, the company is also a safety production standardization Second-level enterprise. The various management systems and standardization management fully run through the entire process of sales, design, procurement, production, service, and maintain effective operation and continuous improvement.
"Integrity, pragmatic, innovation, win-win " business philosophy
Stick to "People-oriented, forge ahead, excellence, create value" quality policy
Provide users with professional products and quality services

ENBL Force Advantage----Professional Advantage

(The first assembly line of Grab manufacturer in China)

The key factor in business operation is-people oriented

  • ENBL has a professional management team: more than 10 years of working experience in key positions in the first –class Grab manufacturing.


Industry leading technology design and proprietary manufacturing processes:

  • ENBL product design adopts advanced auxiliary design software and finite element analysis software to ensure the continuous optimization and innovation of products;
  • ENBL has a rich technical reserve, has a mature design drawings and manufacturing processes of various series of grabbed domestic and foreign series.
  • ENBL has the physical properties of various bulk goods, which can meet the selection requirements of the user's different working conditions.
  • Joint turning point optimization design makes it easy for users to reduce their daily maintenance.


Professional production and manufacturing capabilities: equipment and venues are the guarantee of process manufacturing process

  • Our production base has the largest cold forming equipment in the Grab manufacturing industry: 800T Piston .zhongjie 62130 series ,Numerical control 630T x 5mFolding machine,Numerical control 4500mm x 45mmLarge roll board, plasma cutting and other equipment to ensure the molding process of the Grab; large floor boring and milling equipment (Zhongjie 62130 series of precision cutting equipment to ensure the processing accuracy of the Grab.
  • The factory completely refers to the manufacturing process of the Grab, and the venue and equipment are arranged according to the production flow to the water line.


Professional after-sales service system

  • ENBL is committed to understanding the real needs of users to provide satisfactory services, rather than simple selling products.
  • The professional service team has nearly 15 years service experience in the domestic port industry. And has rich accumulation in both professionalism and standardization.
  • keep service phone 24 hours unblocked .and will rush to the site to solve the problem at the fastest time required by the user.
  • 24-hour after-sales service line: 15162670468


ENBL pursues win-win cooperation with User- we provide Cost-effective products




"Enbeli"Company was established


"Enbeli" brand trademark registered successfully


"Enbeli"The first electro-hydraulic grab bucket passed the acceptance


The piling construction of the Kunshan Plant of Enbeli (Kunshan) Machinery Co., Ltd. started


Jointly developed new technologies such as remote digital control of electro-hydraulic garbage grabs with Beijing Lifting and Transportation Research Institute, and applied for a total of 7 patents, and achieved initial results in the development of its own technology.


The Kunshan factory of Enbeli (Kunshan) Machinery Co., Ltd. was put into operation


Acquired Kunshan High-tech Enterprise


With the key technology of intelligent spreader and its research, it won the third prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, and the patented product of this technology has also obtained the provincial high-tech product certification.


Obtained the municipal-level bulk cargo grab engineering technology research center


NBELI (Kunshan) Machinery Co., Ltd. acquired Jiuyu (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.


Hunan Xianggang Metal Materials Co., Ltd. authorized Jiuyu (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. as "Authorized Distributor"


The large-scale electro-hydraulic gripper MHST50-2 for steel slag jointly developed by NBELI and MCC Baosteel is in good use


The annual new orders of Enbeli and Jiuyu exceeded 100 million yuan


Obtained national high-tech enterprise certification


Enbeli negative pressure dust removal mobile funnel has passed customer acceptance and has obvious effect


The sales volume of Embili port machinery grabs exceeded 1,000 units


Signed a land purchase agreement with the Ma On Shan government


Enbeli signed 4 scissor grabs with users, opening a new chapter for domestic bulk cargo handling grabs


Jiuyu signed a ship unloader high-speed buffer assembly with Huadian Group to solve the jitter during high-speed movement of the ship unloader


The sales volume of Enbeli electro-hydraulic grabs exceeded 1,000 units


"Enbeli"Ma'anshan manufacturing base laid the foundation stone


"Enbeli" received another order for 5 sets of environmental protection negative pressure dust removal mobile funnels from Beibu Gulf Port Qinzhou Wharf Co., Ltd.


"Enbeli"developed a new type of semi-supported mechanical grab for river dredging operations, and successfully exported to Nigeria

The company has strong technical strength, health management system, advanced production equipment, process process, was identified as national high-tech enterprises in 2016.

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