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Port And Cargo Load/Unload Grab Series features a range of grabs including the Double Flap Log Grab, FCG Scissor Grab, Scoop Coal Grab, Clamshell Coal Grab, and other specialized grabs designed for efficient port load and unload tasks.

In the realm of port logistics and cargo handling, the Double Flap Log Grab and FCG Scissor Grab are particularly valued for their precision and durability. These grabs are adept at handling logs and other large materials, ensuring smooth and efficient cargo movement. The Scoop Coal Grab and Clamshell Coal Grab are essential in bulk material handling, specifically tailored for coal and similar commodities, providing high-capacity and rapid unloading capabilities.

The Port And Cargo Load Grab and Port And Cargo Unload Grab in this series are designed to offer versatility and high performance in loading and unloading a variety of materials. These grabs are constructed to withstand the rigorous conditions of port operations, ensuring reliability and longevity.

As a comprehensive solution for port and cargo operations, the Port Load and Unload Grab models in this series demonstrate ENBL's commitment to delivering products that enhance operational efficiency and safety. The series exemplifies the company's expertise in creating grabs that meet the specific needs of port operations, combining advanced engineering, robust construction, and ease of operation to handle the challenges of modern cargo handling.

The company has strong technical strength, health management system, advanced production equipment, process process, was identified as national high-tech enterprises in 2016.

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