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FSWG Type Underwater Dredging Grab

This undderwater dredging grab can dig mud , sand , and stone in the  max 22 meters  deep water. the density from 1.5-3.5t/m3. can load 5m3 to 50 m3, till 300 tons weight .
  • FSWG200.0-1.75-37000
  • ENBL Brand

Suitable for underwater sludge, stones, and reef materials with a proportion of treatment of 1.8-3.8T/m3.

Grasp the fighting capacity: 3.0-55.0m3

Suitable model: 50-600T  

Figure medium: FSWG200.0-1.75-37000  

Project user: Yangtze Chongqing Channel Engineering Bureau


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